TM1637 4 Digit 7 Segment Display

Hello can anyone help me i cant get the “Example test timer” by Cesars to work.i have loaded the program, using debug i can see the program executing but i dont get any thing on pins 10 and 11 to the point where i looked at the output pins with an oscilloscope there is nothing there.Pin 13 flashes as per the code.
Using the Arduino IDE with the same display and UNO board i can get it to work no probs.!


hi, did you try doing a reset?

Yes multiple, this is driving me insane.
If i load a simple sketch using Arduino IDE, alls good, the sketch outputs on pins 2 and 3, 3 being the clock.
I have checked outputs 10 and 11 driving leds O/K
the board i am using is brand new (Freetronics Ether Ten which is advertised as 100% uno compatible.
Cesars are pins 10 and 11 the only pins that i can use for the display ?.

you can use any digital pin, w5100 and microSD use pins 10 and 11, you can try other pins

Thanks Cesar it now all makes sense, i am new to XOD and loving it .

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