Problem with TM1637


I´m trying out XOD and want to use a TM1637 in my project. I tried to add the cesars/tm1637@0.0.43 library but got a error message when trying to use it.

/ws/sketchbook/3dea74ce606d2390ff9d4079eca2e68015ef03e09b7dba2e2f52eb17322f9962/sketch/sketch.ino:982:10: fatal error: ‘TM1637Display.h’ file not found
#include <TM1637Display.h>

Tried the v2 version aswell but got the could not get it to work either. looked at the github adress and it looks right.

You are not trying to use it in simulator mode, are you? You cannot test hardware like this in the simulator.

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