Cesars libraries?

What has happened to Cesars’s libraries eg the TM1637 ones? They seemed to have disappeared.

update node names for better search, try loading cesars/tm1637 again

not published, but from XOD in the add library icon enter cesars/tm1637

I already have it. But the magazine editor cannot download it (and so neither could any readers). ie without it being published, it won’t be able to be downloaded, will it?

Plus, today I can’t download any TM1637 from within XOD. So I don’t quite know what to do!

Thanks - that works for me. I have passed it onto the editor.

Hello cesars – I’m ‘the editor’ Julian referred to above.

I do all of the above – the items appear … but I still get red lines around my boxes num-decex-tm1637 and bright-tm1637

Any help would be most appreciated

Screenshot 2020-03-21 at 05.12.44.pdf (327.3 KB) This is the problem Matt (the editor) is experiencing. It all works fine on my machine, and has been running fine in an Arduino.

the library was updated to follow a search line … example tm1637-dev, tm1637-clr… change by the corresponding node, this is a definitive change there can only be small improvements

change bright-tm1637 by tm1637-bright and num-decex-tm1637 by tm1637-decex

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