Teknic ClearCore device does not show in device manager

Hi there,

I have recently purchased a clear core motion and I/O controller as well as the recommended power supply.

I am having some issues getting the board to pick up as a device on the host pc running Windows 10. I have followed all the instructions thoroughly for automatic installation of clear core library and Atmel studio. As well as the Arduino wrapper. All code builds fine, and packages were installed correctly. The issue is that the device does not show up under any port connections in Arduino or in device manager.

I can validate that the ClearCore USB Serial Emulation Driver was installed successfully. I have tried following these instructions on various pcs to eliminate my pc as the potential issue.

I then began reading into the status led of the clear core device:

  • Off: is not powered properly.
  • Breathing: Normal running state. LEDs slowly fade in and out.
  • On: Processor has crashed. To recover, double-click the reset button to put the processor into bootloader mode, then upload safe code.
  • Error Code: A series of stobes and solid blinks indicate an error code that has occurred since the last time the processor was reset.

The blue status lights are permanently on from power on. This would indicate that the Processor has crashed. I then preceded to double click the reset button, however, this does not change the LED status. It is still continuously on.

There is no troubleshooting guideline other than issues they have experienced with windows 7 and usb drivers and that solution does not work either in my case.

Please can someone advise on possible solutions to try.

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