Stepper done output

Hello everyone,

I have a question regarding the stepdir node. I am using this with a CNC Shield V 3. The motor moves fine. I have written a patch to move to a limit switch for a homing routine. Now I am trying to program a move then use the done output pulse to trigger a relay to come on for some time. Currently I have the PPS=5, and N=-1000. This would calculate to the move taking 200 seconds (correct?). the move actually takes about 5-6 seconds. but after 200 seconds the done output will pulse. Why is this happening? I have the stepper motor set up to be full step according to the jumpers on the board.

Thank You for any help.

Acceleration + deceleration?.. Or maybe the clock code poles the clock counter…

(I use big stepper motors (in comparison to Mickey Mouse common Arduino ones) and if you need to move big loads then some degree of acceleration and deceleration is required to avoid lost steps)

… For your “done” signal why don’t you add a roller limit switch to confirm the end of the movement before the next operation… Relying on a time delay is risky given the time signal is generated by an internal clock pulse IMO… If you use interrupts then internal calculated time goes to the wall if generated by clock pulses… I always VARIFY position!

On my gear / transmission shift I use linear potentiometers to confirm linear position (or an error could be very expensive mechanically shifting from 6 >>>3 or worse… 6>>>>1 if you were aiming for 5