Shorcut or button for expand-contract all libraries?

I would like to be able to expand and collapse all the libraries with a click, currently I can only hide them.

Maybe it’s something very personal, but several software have this feature.

In some cases I modify a library, the related library is left with an error (so that this happens disconnect intentionally internet) then I go search one by one until I find the error.
If I could expand them, it would be easier :slightly_smiling_face:

I see. Perhaps exactly the opposite is required? What if the error icon would propagate up to the library title? In this case, you can quickly scan all the library titles (which are collapsed) and see problems at first glance. Will it work for you?

We thought about tweaking the project browser someday so that it becomes more like a file browser rather than a tree. That is by clicking a library a user drills down to that library and only its patches are shown. To see all libraries again he should go up a level.

The reason behind this idea is that the project browser is a research tool when working with libraries and you rarely explore several libraries at once. And by limiting the context we can show library context better: different groups for regular patches, examples, utilities, and deprecations.

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Yes, this would be very good, and if it happens to a tree menu that will be displayed automatically, it will show only the errors.

Created a GitHub issue to track the feature

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Well, thanks for adding this feature in XOD 0.29.0, it will be very useful for me.


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