Servo.h library missing fatal error

Hi, I am trying to compile a patch from a video tutorial i am watching on youtube.

When i try to compile it says fatal error file not found servo.h

I followed advice here

For servo not liquid crystal but i am still getting the error.

Am i missing something?


It appears that you’re compiling for simulation, but unfortunately you can’t simulate hardware devices:

Also, you are using the same digital pin (D0) for both your servo and button - each device needs to use a different pin. Specify a different pin for one of these devices, then try compiling and uploading to a board. D0 and D1 are used for serial communication with the IDE, so you may want to avoid using these pins for devices in your patches if you plan to use the debugger.

Ahh, thanks mate! I currently offshore with no arduino and have just found XOD. Also pretty new to arduino.
Thanks for the reply :grinning:

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