Servo library to detach servo after use

Trying to control servo from multiple patches in a state machine was not working with standard servo. This was my solution to fix the problem.

servo-enable: Standard servo node with Enable pin added. Detach servo when En is false and allow to free-wheel (or allow other node to control the servo).

servo-pulse: Merge servo and delay nodes to activate servo just long enough to move to new position based on previous position. Detach servo when timer is done.


where can i find this now?
the library is gone on the site, i still added it through xod but it doesnt work

or how would i node it so the servo goes after its initial positions a few degrees back where there is less torque?

i have constant buzzing with my servo, it stops when i push it slightly back
or do i have to put in a relay ?

??? The link above still works. Add it to your XOD using File > Add Library > gweimer/servo

i used to get an error message, but its gone now i guess i had to unplug everything and then replug every time i upload. good to know.

but the main issue is that i cant punch in PD0 or any letter it resets to 0 (i have grove)

I haven’t updated it for new data types, so you can’t use pin mnemonics. PD0 should map to a specific pin #; you should be able to use that pin #. If it is pin 0 and that is also one of the tx/rx pins, that would explain why you need to unplug when you upload…the servo is interfering with USB transmission.

i went through all the numbers i could find in the schematics that related to grove port D19

no luck, i only have D19 or D18 to choose from

EDIT: Servo enable works, Servo pulse not… although same port number :frowning:
but i got i working, thanks.