Retrieve my project back

Hello powerful people. I have been developing a home ventilation controller for two months going back and forth. It was two years ago and ended successfully. The processor at the Arduino Nano has been working well and reliably these two years. I need to change it a little today. However, I am a lazy person and forgot to mark the project file that was uploaded to Arduino. I have a lot of files of this project in my folder and the best one is definitely not the last one. The question is - how can I retrieve my project back from Arduino? Or how do I relate it to the twenty options in my folder? Thanks in advance!

How do I retrieve my XOD code back from Arduino? You cannot. XOD is translated to C-like code that is then compiled and downloaded to Arduino. There is no (reasonable) way to get from the compiled code back to XOD code.

How do I relate code on Arduino to the twenty options in my folder? The easiest way is to have helpful names assigned to each of your twenty options… Failing that, I guess you will have to open each option & see if it resembles the functionality you are looking for. Timestamps on the files/folders might help you to determine which versions are later if you have multiple versions of the same code.

How do I get my code back if my hard drive crashed? [bonus question/answer] If you uploaded your code to the XOD libraries to share with others, you can download them like other libraries and have a local copy back; otherwise, you will have to rely on your own computer backups to get the code back.

Thanks a lot gweimer! Unfortunately, the project equipped with a lot of loops, counters and logiks. So, it takes a lot of time for “decoding” every version.

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