Python-API in XOD?

Has XOD the possibility to connect with Python?
I would like to connect the in- and outputs from XOD to python programs.
thank you

Where are your python programs running? I assume they are running on your computer and not the Arduino board. There are no Python-specific APIs, but you can send data from XOD to the serial port and have Python on your computer watching the computer-end of the serial port.

my programs are running on a laptop lenovo and optiflex both 5I and enough memory etc with windows 10 pro and socket interactions with each other to simulate 2 systems in interaction foor cryptographics and quantum software at home.
thank you for your fast answer.
the reason i ask this : i see only c+ comments and i write python software because i am making software with simulaqron (quantum and crypto systems) and IBM systems and my own software inventions working with this.
i am trying to make a software micro quantum computer and i would like to see the interactions visible on screen (for schoolchildren, etc.) and XOD looks perfect for this.
your idea gives me a new idee: python writing via the sockets with ZeroMQ.
is that possible? have you an idea?
thank you.

am going to do it myself.

I will let you the solution know, i have found enough in the nodes information, thank you

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