Problem with MQTT subscribe node

Hi all,

I am trying to use XOD programming to subscribe an Arduino NodeMCU to my NodeRED server.
In this case I subscribe to the given values of a LDR which are available every 10 seconds on the server.
I use the MQTT subcribe node from bradzilla84

After connecting and subscribing to the topic, I can recieve exactly 10 message values.
After that the NodeMCU is sending subscribe messages so quickly that it looks like it’s in a loop.
The server is responding to every message with an ACK but Node MCU can not recieve them anymore.
After reset of the nodeMCU this cycle starts again with only 10 recieved messages.

Is this a bug in the MQTT node and how can I fix this problem.

Thanks in advance

Is there anybody on the forum that can answer my question?

I had some problems too… resolved it with doing some debug with my esp 8266… if you try to publish or subscribe without adding some delays, the esp will crash and sending some reset debug output… i went to the solution, with adding step by step, whats working and nor… Try to reconnect as serial debug after resetting the esp mcu, to get the error message… there could be a problem with wifi watchdog… (thought it should be resetcode 7 or something like that…)

Be aware to isolate the part of code, leading your esp to crash… (use delay nodes)

Best Benjamin

And im Using Mosquitto as broker on same raspi im running node red… you can use mqtt fx for debug subscribe and publish…( sorry for typo… im writing on smartphone…)

Dear benwithbanana,

there is an older post in the Forum by bradzilla84 in terms of MQTT Library
where these problems are described but there is still no solution for the library to allow faster subscribing.
I hope bradzilla84 may update this one day.


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