MQTT and 433Mhz

Hi Guys just an update on two new Libraries i have uploaded.

MQTT: (Updated)
Arduino Client for MQTT This library provides a client for doing simple publish/subscribe messaging with a server that supports MQTT.

Complete rewrite was needed the Library has been updated and tested (ESP8266).
See the example but it is fairly straightforward. Message buffer is in place now. (Updated/Complete)
Qos and Retain are in place now. (Updated/Complete)
I have not done extensive testing yet please let me know if you have any problems.
I have tested with Node-Red and the potential looks very promising.

When combined with something like Node-Red live IO and display can be very easy. Charts, Gauges ect… but not only display but reactions as well EG.

Something as simple as this can control my smart lights from my ESP8266

433Mhz RCSwitch (NEW)
Use your Arduino with a suitable transmitter to operate remote radio controlled devices. This method should work with most popular low-cost power outlet sockets and light switches with 315/433mHz support. All you need is an Arduino, ESP8266, etc, a 315/433MHz transmitter. And your existing remote control devices with a SC5262 / SC5272, HX2262 / HX2272, PT2262 / PT2272, EV1527, RT1527, FP1527 or HS1527 chipset. Also supports Intertechno outlets. (Initial testing works great but further testing is needed)


MQTT has now been updated with utilities to help with IO… String to Int/Float/Long Int as part of bradzilla84/bradzilla84-utilities

Very cool, thanks for sharing!

I’d test the NodeRED + XOD combo, but I have no suitable hardware, a smart socket or bulb. Would you you recommend a model of sockets/switches/RF-dongle which work fine with NodeRED?

I use the TPLink range of devices but it will work with just about anything. it can link in with IFTTT,Google Home ,Alexa and many more. can send E-Mails,SMS, Push notifications,

It has a built in MQTT server ( all you have to do is install Node-Red and then take a look at the “Palette Manager” (Kind of like an App-Store ALL FREE)
I have over 200 Nodes installed at the moment and i have barely put a dent in the ones available.

I run it on a Raspberry Pi (but can be run on windows) that handles all the automation in my house, controls the 3D Printer Ect…
last night i setup a couple of ESP8266 with motion sensors around the house if node-red detects that no one is home it pauses the 3D Printer until someone gets back…(i forget to turn it off all the time lol)
ALL Done in XOD and Node Red.

Take a look at what some people have done with it and arduino, i think XOD will expand it’s capabilities a lot in the direction of new users with no coding knowledge required.

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Awesome, I am going to test this soon.

Thank you very much for sharing.

I woul like to ask you for help. I am using Mosca MQTT Broker via node-red and I am facing some issue. When I am trying to subsribe wit my Wemos D1 mini in loop, it only subscribes 10 times. All other changes in topic are ignored. After reboot of the Wemos D1 mini it subscribes only 10 times again. Database is working fine - tested with MQTTBox. Mosca Broker is running on Raspberry PI 3. It seems to me, that some buffer is being fullfiled. Any sugesstions?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi how to use W550 connect-manual INET with mqtt-device INET
Or how to use mqtt library with w550 internet connection

Hello, have you found how to solve the subscribe 10 times only issue? I’m having it now with the same config :G