Command buffer size exceeded ( esp8266 mcu/mqtt + bme280)

Hi all !

when i want to upload a program with the mqtt pub/ sub nodes and the esp8266 mcu to my esp 12E board, it works all fine. I tested it with a combo of node red on my raspberry pi. And it works good ! ( thanks bradzilla for the mqtt nodes )

Butt when i want to send data from my BME 280 sensor to the mqtt publish node, and then upload the sketch. i got the error ‘’ Command maxBuffer size exceeded "

i replaced the bme280 sensor with anolog read/ digital read. and then it works fine !

is the bme280 node really that big ? or did i something wrong ?

@scotthaije, Hi!

Who made this node? bmx280? Since it is created by a community member, you need to ask its creator. It seems that this node has some C++ memory usage/allocation/optimization mistakes.

@gabbapeople . Thanks for the fast reply !

i believe that @dinosalvioni made the bmx280 library, i realy hope that he can help/ provide some information.

the bmx280 without the mqtt nodes works like a charm btw :slight_smile:

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