ESP8266 MQTT publish

Dear friends tell me what’s wrong? ESP8266 MQTT publish after loading data is transmitted only 1-2 times and then silence although it should be sent at intervals of 6 seconds.![1|690x351]


try connecting the sensors in cascade and not all together to the clock, that is…TICK > UPD… OK > UPD… OK > UPD …

Thank you for your advice! Now it is sent almost normally but for about 1-2 hours then the broker does not publish again only after the ESP is rebooted

try doing the same with ACK> INIT and what happens

you can also include a throttle node between them and remove the clock

Thanks! All night the device worked from 6 PM to 7 am and hung! Tell me is it possible to reboot the device if it stops sending messages to MQTT topics

I don’t have much experience, it only occurs to me to send OK to INIT, and you could also reconnect an ANY and send a pulse every so often.

place a flip-flop on the OK output and send the signal to an LED to see if it stops working when it stops.

I’m having almost the same problem. But this case on the subscribe side. I’m subscribing On/Off (0/1) from the Adafruit MQTT server. After a few on/off from the server, it seems it does not send the 0/1 to my NodeMCU board.

Any idea?