Problem with description y comments

I have a problem when making a description, I do not finish discovering what the coding is.

For spaces I can do it with ALT + 0160 but with the line breaks I have no luck.

if I want to put

freq1 01
freq2 02

freq1 freq2

I just use space and ENTER when typing descriptions in the Inspector pane and it works as expected.


I’m going to try changing the language, thanks

Well, it does not work for me.
But I made a mistake, I did not clarify that I was in the help, or when I close the comment.

If I copy it and paste it from a library.cpp, yes …but if I touch something it lines up again

here un example, but if I change something in the line break, it’s not like that anymore


I’m not seeing where closing the description changes anything, but I do see that the help screens do not keep formatting when displaying descriptions for node or pins. I assume that was a design decision to make better use of screen space when width for displaying help is not known ahead of time, but there are cases where being able to force format is very useful (like your table).

Those are the right words, the Welcome patch has a format and a command included in the comment, which opens the examples.

Now when you open it and modify it, it will no longer look the same.

I still can not make a neat description, I can not align / justify the text.

In this comment example, if I copy and paste it in NPP, I get those squares that are spaces (indivisible as if it were on ALT + 0160)



The comments support Markdown formatting, but the node and pins description are not. I think the best solution would be rendering the descriptions as Markdown too. In this case, you should be able to put your mapping in a table:

Frequency timer

| Setting    | Value |
| ---------- | ----- |
| TMR_4096HZ |   00h |
| TMR_1MIN   |   11h |

Will such feature solve the problem?

I thought it was something simpler, that just did not make the correct line jump.
My question is because if I copy part of a cpp file, the jumps are as I want.

The table can work, I should do some test.