Inserting Comments on workspace

Okay, this seems really basic - and it is. I am trying to insert comments on my workspace. From the menu, I would expect Edit->Insert Comment to allow this, but it does absolutly nothing at all.

I’m old fashioned - I like nattaring my project with comments, particularly in the logic sections - it helps me understand my warped thinking at the time that I dreamed up that ‘bright idea’ :smiley:

Again, any help or comments :joy: would be appreciated.


Okay, this is strange, I just closed the project after saving and then re-opened and there were a stack of comment placeholders. I have deleted them all and now Edit->Instert Comment seems to work. Please disregard the last post :relieved:

Inserting comments seems to insert them where ever the workspace things is upper-left corner of “home”, so if you scroll to somewhere else on the screen, you will not see them appear.


Yeah, the comments are inserted in the (0, 0)-th slot and it might easily happen that you just missing the fact it has appeared already.

The solution we have chosen to add and keep the comments is unfortunate and we are going to fix them in the future (#1380). They will become regular nodes available through the project browser, quick search, etc. They will “just” have an outstanding look with their description being output as Markdown text.

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