Possible to make graph or table to manipulate input and output


Because I am making a special dimmer for flightsimulator project I want to be able to dim led and light bulbs.

They of course behave totalt diferent when dimming with PWM.

I want to make light output linear, there for I need som way of making a table or graph, so a input value from a pot gives another output valu to PWM.

Is that possible with this software.

If it is can someone explain how?

Best regards Jacob

If you open the ‘led’ node, you will see that it cubes the input before feeding it to pwm-write. You can use your own node to do something similar for incandescent lights, but you will need a function (mathematical equation), not just a graph. Perhaps making a copy of ‘led’ and just removing ‘cube’ would be enough…

What is the shape of the curve? As noted, a function is easy in XOD. For LEDs, I suspect a exponential curve?

Someone asked a similar question: Look-up tables?

I think XOD does not have good nodes for tables (I don’t see any nodes for “lists”?). You could do a table pretty easily with a c++ node.

Have you considered using “IOT” for configuration? We do this for a piece of equipment: it asks some IOT server for configuration, including tables. We use Adafruit’s IOT. Here’s some tutorial: Reading JSON Data — XOD

This look exactly what I want to do. Embrio - Bezier Curve Node

But is this possible in xod?

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