Led PWM Output Bias

The attached sketch is a rotary encoder clamped at 0 to 100% driving a led with a display.
What i want to do is put a bias on the output so that when the encoder is set to 0 the output is already at say 20% and when the encoder equals 100% the output is at 100%
encoder 0-100%
Led 20 -100%
What i am trying to do is get rid of the delay, first 0-20% approx before the led starts to illuminate.
Any help would be greatly appreciated

Led Display|511x500 encoder

Check out the “map” nodes. You can do the same thing using add, subtract, multiply, and divide, but the map nodes do all that for you.

Thanks again gweimer,

I used the “map” node it worked a treat, it certainly saved a mathematics exercise.
i am slowly coming to grips with the XOD nodes, the challenge i have is understanding the various node names and the function they perform.
I come from a PLC background where the functionality and naming is quite different.
XOD is excellent for people like me that like to have a go but cant be bothered trying to learn C++ at 70 years of age.
Once again thanks and stay safe.


You and me both Looser! I echo your sentiments, both about C++ (72) and the excellent XOD and all those working to constantly improve it - Bravo!
I am working on a system to fade up & down a string of 13 stair lights (which I will post soon) and was looking to do exactly what you have called for, so I will be trying out gweimer’s suggestion in due course.
Mike B

I look forward to your post Mike, if XOD didnt exist i would have given up long ago, the dedication and hard work of all the people involved with the project is astounding.

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