Paid work on development

Does anyone do development, paid or otherwise on here? I see a lot of requests for nodes but wondering if anyone takes up on it?

XOD is such a useful tool for me but I don’t have the time or knowledge to learn how to create nodes for specific pieces of equipment.

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Over time, quite a number of people have responded by building nodes and libraries. Check out Libraries — XOD . Of course, that depends on the generosity of the developers. Also, for hardware, it is difficult to develop nodes/libraries without having the hardware.

Do you (or anyone reading) have any experience with commissioning paid development in this sort of context? I’m thinking of “bounty” sites, project grants (cf. Perl Foundation), or something more like contract work. Some mechanism that is fair and trustworthy for both/all parties. Perhaps a mix of paid work and free contributed-work (“buy 4, get one free!”), if it makes economic sense.

I often have something I need help with which isn’t available and I don’t have the time or ability to learn how to write the node to use with XOD.

Would really help out if someone could do that and get some money for their time. I’d want that node to be public then.

So I’m working on a speedometer and other gauges for my 51 GMC using steppers (x27 589) got some great advice on here already and now waiting for a driver board. Planning on documenting the build on that.

I also have an e-ink display I’ve had for two years and still waiting on an XOD node.

In terms of remuneration I’m thinking a couple extra meals out rather than a whole living.