Node Request, will pay $

I need a node for the Sparkfun HX711 module (SEN 13879). What would it cost to have a node generated that uses the existing library to operate this module in XOD? I can’t find a work-around for reading load cells. Is anyone interested in making some money?

If there are existing IDE libraries, you can try creating a XOD wrapper yourself, but it is not a trivial activity.

I wish I know more in-depth C++. I’d have generated a couple new nodes at this point. Would you be interested in creating this new node? It would be handy for using load cells in future XOD projects.

Sorry. I haven’t even had time to work on my own servo communication package.

How much time would it take an experienced programmer with no XOD background? Is it a 4 hr job or 4 weeks?

Hello, I have a library in process, what is your need, what do you need to measure? my cell is 20kg

Awesome! My cell is 500 lbs (225 kg). If the node kicks out a digital number I should be able to format / calibrate it to reflect my units. Are you programming the gain into the hard code or will it be user defined? How can I compensate you for your efforts?

I paid someone to make HX711 node I can share it with people who need this node

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Thank you Fred. I would definitely be interested in it. What is the easiest way to get it?

Please let me know when you get it published to the library. I could put it to good use.

Can you share it to me? I have been waiting on a patch for load cells.

Sorry I paid a lot of money for it if you can contribute $50?

Are all the bugs worked out? Are you satisfied with how it works? Can you post a screen shot of the node? I’d like to see the user parameters.

I will send screen shot and compile it and send you Hex file to check it if it’s what you want then contribute I don’t want give you to pay for what you don’t need.

Thank you Fred. I am not opposed to paying for it if it satisfies my needs. Do you have a paypal account I could send you funds through?

I attached Bin and hex files with screenshots attached upload it see is it you need.

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Thank you Fred,
I’m testing a HX711 node cesars sent me. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.

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