This might be a dumb question - but has the core node “pad-with-zeroes” ( been removed, replaced or shifted from the latest version of XOD?

(I need something like this for formatting number display on an LCD screen)

Jim H.

Hi Jim, can it be this? cast-number-to-hex-string

cnths.xodball (2.0 KB)

Well, it’s just for padding an ascii number with leading zeroes for regularly formatted display as a string. (reinstalled XOD 0.26, but it didn’t reappear, in case I murdered it!) - and xod/datetime/format-timestamp shows an error, as it uses this node. Puzzling. J.

upload screenshot error

In project, make new patch. And open cnths.xodball open node, copy all and paste in new patch of project.

If you changed something in xod/core library and then saved a project — it saves a changed standard library into your workspace. So in this case you will not see any updates in standard library until you’ll remove it from your workspace or rename it.

Check out __lib__ folder in your workspace directory.

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Thanks brusher_ru - wasn’t aware that I’d altered the standard library - and your tip fixed things. Jim H.

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