Nrf24 node exists?

Hi guys. I am looking for nrf24 node. Does anyone know sth about it node? Does it exists?

there is a library that did awgrover, needs another buffer library, I have the devices but I need to do more tests, for now I am using it with arduino IDE, when I have more time I will go back to the tests

Hi folks,

I was wondering if you may have noticed any new projects that combine XOD and Visie Genie 4D smart screens.

The sad thing is that there is absolutely no radio module nRF24L01. And I have many projects on it

read is thread

I work with this library
There are examples in the examples folder. In fact, the most important is the transmission of information through a certain channel, respectively, and the reception of this information through the same channel. Then scan the channel (search for free). At least this.

Was any progress made on this?