Nodes missing since updating to 0.36.1

I have just updated from 0.30.1 to 0.36.1 and have found that some of the nodes are missing, notably ACT & THROTTLE, but I think there may be more. I was using 0.30.1 because it was the last version that would compile a project which I created last July. I have overcome that problem by re-writing the project with 0.36.1.

I have tried re-loading 0.36.1 but the problem remains. Can anybody help? Do the upgrades have to be carried out sequentially , or can you jump several versions as i have.

Thanks in advance.

if you had an earlier version, delete folder \ xod \ __ lib__\xod… try again

Hello Cesars,
Thanks for a prompt reply; your suggestion has indeed solved the problem!
Kind regards

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