Node inspector, it does not work comfortably

Node inspector, it does not work comfortably.
If I select a value, it automatically goes up and stays at a midpoint, the bottom part could be used (circle).
The only way is to raise the spacer higher or to hide the libraries, or to put to the right, but there it is to have the help :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh. Looks like a bug which we are tried to fix once. :thinking:

Please, provide more information:

  • Steps to reproduce (if this bug does not reproduced by just selecting any node after starting the IDE)
  • Which OS you are using
  • Your screen resolution (probably, it could help us to reproduce and fix it)

hello, upload the snapshot 1 pc computer and 1 laptop , w10


Hm… can’t reproduce it :grimacing:
Could you try to resize Inspector pane by dragging divider between Project Browser and Inspector? Does it help?

I hope this can be clear enough :slightly_smiling_face:

in the web ide, behaves in the same way

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Solved, XOD 0.25.3 released

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