Editor Window Size


Have you tried to put nodes at the bottom of the Editor Window?
What happens then?
I’ve discovered, that it is impossible to scroll down the Editor to make the nodes visible.
The same happens when you select the node at the bottom and try to make some changes it its properties.

The only option is to Zoom-Out the whole workspace. But then all the application elements get smaller and hard to read.

I think both panels should be srollable.


Or see the bottom of a node’s properties? Can’t scroll down to see those (using the LED node, for example).

Yep. It’s a silly omission. We’ve run out of time and published the initial version without scrolling.

In short time the patch board will get infinite panning feature. Also, we’ll add scrollbars to Inspector and a resize handle to change Project Browser / Inspector height proportion.

Thank you for the report.

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