Need New Filter Capabilities

Have a good new year. slight_smile:

I have surfed a lot with XOD and its libraries for learning this good tool and another aspect of programming.

I thought that additional filtering capabilities will increase the use of the XOD.

First, it will be good extra filtering nodes, in addition to depracted and utility.
1. Types (Number/Byte), WORD will be good node (not small as byte, not big as double).
3. Utility1, Utility2

Second. Libraries will be easy accessable with grouping.
1. XOD/core
2. XOD/lib
3. Users/lib
4. Owner/lib ( These can be also changed as owner project without reopen them)

All Core nodes should have abstract, so that can be improved by other custom types.

As last , many people are building nodes. There should be a section that includes user nodes (min/max, device) that are permited to use in core/common.
So we or others will not be follow the user libraries that can be changed with unresponsibility. Like ME…(:woozy_face:


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I can not understand this.
I have modified many of the bookstores, for my personal use. I should think about sharing or not, but I understand that many can be useful.
If so, it is not necessary to use it