Multi gate switch node help

Hello an thank you all in advance for your time and help! Noobie here that has been trying to use XOD, to program my Arduino to create a gate system. The system has multiple inputs (16 in this case) that use a Dwyer CCS12050 (non contact current switch) and a equal number outputs that will be to 5v relays. I want each input to be able to open one corresponding output while at the same time closing any other open . Thus having only one (the most current) output open at a time.

In order to try and learn/use XOD I am prototyping the system using buttons and LEDs on a breadboard. The XOD patch I have come up with is here:

The buttons just behave like normal – LED on when pressed and off when pressed again with no interaction from one to the other. Am I way off base? Any guidance would be appriciated!


It would be a lot simple to tie LEDs to the flip flop output and have each button reset the “other” flip flops. That would remove all the logic for “is any other active”. For this, each button will set one flip flop like you have now, but also reset all the other flip flops.

Thank you! It is very me to make things I don’t understand more complicated than they need to be.