Mode switching in XOD


I would like to ask how to do the switching of three modes with one button.


There are many options for this. The best one might depend on the rest of your code; how do you need to signal to your code what the mode is? Probably one of the easiest solutions that is also expandable is to use a count node to keep track of which mode you are in.
This uses a tweak-pulse to simulate a button. ‘count’ node initializes and resets to zero, so your “modes” are 0, 1, & 2. The greater-or-equal and defer nodes are to reset to mode 0 when you leave mode 2. The output of the count node indicates your mode.

What to do with the count depends on the rest of your program. Is mode just a speed that requires a different number to feed some other part of the code? nth-input can be used to select the appropriate value. Do you need 3 true/false signals with only the “active” mode being true? You can use 3 ‘equal’ nodes to compare count output to 0, 1, & 2. The same can also be used to send a pulse to activate a specific mode.

You could also use flip-flops to remember which mode you are in, but you will need to use ‘and’ or ‘gate’ nodes to determine which nodes should be set/reset with each button press, you also need a way to initialize the 1st mode on boot, so it ends up quite a bit more complicated.

One possible advantage of this method: you can change how you cycle through modes. For example, you might code the gates to go from mode A to B to C to B to A and repeat (like a transmission shifting gears) rather than just going A B C, then repeat.

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