MFRC522 and nodemcu 1.0

Hello. I can not make mfrc522 work in nodemcu 1.0. I use the cesars / mfrc522 library. Error compiling the program.

Hi, that library is not yet finished, but its problem is the pin designation, it is using D8 and D1, XOD does not address them correctly.

you can use cesars/utils “port-8266”, that node will address by D8 and D1 to the number of nodemcu


Thanks, I will try now)

I made some changes, added an example for NodeMCU with the pin configuration, and added the missing library because of some error I had deleted it. That was the main cause of his error message.

you can try now!

if you have downloaded mfrc522 folder inC: \ Users \ User \ xod \ __ ardulib__ delete and re-download when the program requests it.

Hey. You’re right, now it all worked. Thanks)

I dont get any errors, I just get no reaction when scanning a tag/card and no firmware detection also.

Leonardo using ICSP pins

I do not have an arduino leonardo to test it, but RFID reset connects to ICSP RESET, in mode you can leave it on D255 to free pin D5. Try that

After charging, do a manual reset with button reset

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sorry, is D256 in XOD new version.