RFID Reader/Writer

I would like to use a 13.56Mhz RC522 RFID Module (reader/writer module) with XOD. However, I cannot find any hardware node that falls into that category.

Is there already a Library containing this node ?

In alternative how do I create one?

Can someone help ?



I can try something quick with read / write, would you prove it?

ps: here trying, after changing the library, I already have some results


Test library …
It is not finished …
It is not documented …
If you wish you can download and try it, it only works in read mode

link MFRC522 add as cesars/mfrc522

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Pins        SPI   UNO  Mega2560  Leonardo
1 (NSS) SAD (SS)   10     53        10
2       SCK        13     52        SCK1
3       MOSI       11     51        MOSI1
4       MISO       12     50        MISO1
5       IRQ        *      *         *
6       GND       GND     GND       GND
7       RST        5      ?         Reset
8      +3.3V (VCC) 3V3     3V3       3.3V
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Thanks a lot cesars
I am new to Arduino and I am experimenting.
Tomorrow I will get the RFID reader writer and I will test your node :slightly_smiling_face:

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new tests :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Cesar. I am having problems with mfrc522. during the simulation process. this is what appears #include SPI.h
What should I do . Thank you very much

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Hi, it’s a common mistake that many users are making. Not all nodes can be simulated, the node includes an external library not supported by the simulator. Use upload and debug.

I think there is a warning or an indication of using debug. @nkrkv

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thanks cesar can already be simulated

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hi do you have new update for this library?
I need write to nfc 522

Hello, next update will be on this rc522 , library MRFC522 is obsolete.

ok, tanks: whan you will think it will be?

I haven’t used XOD for a long time, but I’ll see if I can update it in a few days


Puedo ayudarlo si le parece bien @cesars

We will see it in the next few days, thank you