Login problem in xod.io

Since yesterday I am having problems to enter, try from another browser and I can not login to download a version low to verify an error.

If I close the current session I could not enter the forum anymore.

I can login, but footer displays over top middle of website and IDE & Community menu items do not work (in IE). Iā€™m already logged in with Chrome; refreshing shows footer at bottom of the page & menu works fine.

Yesterday I downloaded 0.27.0, then I wanted to download 0.26.1 and I could not log in to xod.io or IDE.

  • It was to test the i2c-scan since version 0.27.0 or higher does not work in series.
    Before, if there was no i2c device a message was printed, it is currently being stopped and if I do a reset, it remains in the scan

I will try with chrome, thanks

PS: I still can not login

solved :slightly_smiling_face:

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