Led test in Wemos Mini clone no works

Hello, can not operate the Wemos, the programming is loaded but the LED does not blink.
I have selected D4, with IDE Arduino works.
Try several of the list, in all load the program but it does not work

Hello again!

It’s a little disappointing, but in XOD port literals with D char converts in just a port number (D4 -> 4).
So when you define D4 it really bound to the hardware D2, when you define D13 it bound to the hardware D7 and etc.

So let’s check this scheme: https://things4u.github.io/HardwareGuide/Single-Channel-Gway/images/d1-mini-esp8266-board-sh_fixled.jpg and define ports with number from “Arduino” block.
If you want to blink with hardware D4 define it as D17 in XOD IDE.

Try it and tell me if it helps.

Probably, it’s a bug and XOD IDE should check is D* port defined, and if it is defined — use it, instead of converting it in a port number.

@brusher_ru just tested from D0 to D20 and nothing (XOD 0.25.2)
Also perform a connection test to the Wi-Fi network and if it works.

Is it not possible to configure as AP?


Unfortunately, we have not yet made AP support for esp8266, but you can take a look at how to work with the Internet in the xod-dev/esp8266-mcu library and make access point support in the likeness.

Returning to the problem with the led, try to connect your LED into D7 port on the Wemos and define it as D13 in XOD IDE. Do not forget to connect it to the Ground :slight_smile:

no work :sweat: , if in IDE-Arduino takes it as “digital channel 2” works

PD: after programming with Arduino IDE, I went back to XOD and … wow is working with D2 :smiley:

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