L298 node making motor just buzz


I am trying to use this node to drive a stepper motor with an L298 driver.


When I connect the node and try to use it the motor just buzzes and gets very hot. Using the same physical wiring I can create a simple arduino sketch and control the stepper just fine. Has anyone else used this node and could offer me some help.

Thank You

hi, use two nodes h-bridge-dc-motor …xod/common-hardware/

ps: but it may also be that you are not selecting the correct pins

Thank you for the reply.

So you are saying use 2 h-bridge-dc-motor nodes. One would use the pins on the arduino that are connect to IN1 and IN2 from the L298 while the other node would use the pins on the arduino connected to the IN3 and IN4 pins on the L298. Does this sound correct to you?

I am using the following pins on the arduino UNO

Uno L298

8 IN1

9 IN2

10 IN3

11 IN4

Thank you again for your help.

that’s fine, with the nodes of xod or the lobreria should be 4 pins

but with a button it will only enbiage a pulse, between button and node use “continuous-pausable”

Hello, found this post after numerous attempts to drive a stepper motor using the L298n module.
Am using the exact pin configuration as that used by the original poster and also added a “continuously-pausable” node in between the button and the h-bridges, as you had advised above but it still wont work.
Could you please create an illustration of the nodes as I have totally been unable to make it work. Will really appreciate your help.

Hi, in the previous image this button is in D0, if you use debug it will not work correctly. Use D2 D3 or other.

Thanks for the speedy response. My button is actually on D4, I even tried other pins but it just wont work. My goal was to have two buttons to determine the direction of the stepper motor in that button A is to trigger clockwise rotation and button B to reverse the direction at the end of travel. But am completely stuck as I cant make even one button work.

My dilemma is, both h-bridges are pulsed simultaneously which i believe will make both of them fire at the same moment. This will then drive both inputs of the l298 module hence energizing both coils of the stepper motor at the same time making it unable to move in either direction. Is my analysis correct or am totally missing something. I don’t have much experience with stepper motors and i am a newbie to XOD, so the learning curve is somewhat steep at the moment.

My immediate approach was to search the libraries for a node for the L298 module and found this, ironcandleforge/l298n-dual-h-bridge-stepper-motor-driver-module. Tried it with no success. Seems no one else has created a node for stepper motor using the module hence the attempt to use two h-bridges.

well that library says it is for L298 but I have not tested it.
The truth is that it only handles 2 pins instead of 3.

Try this library gweimer/h-bridge is most suitable for L298


The stepper motor am using is bipolar, which means has four wires, two per coil. So that library ought to have worked but unfortunately it doesn’t. I have used gweimer/h-bridge library to drive regular motors successfully but its configuration cant work with bipolar stepper motor, I even tried modifying its patch with no success.

Well, this library is for DC motors and not stepper motor.

Thank you for taking time to help. I will try to find if anyone has successfully tried to create a library for the L298 to drive stepper motors.

Try use library ivanmason/accelstepper

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Thank you very much. Will try that out.

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