L298 node making motor just buzz


I am trying to use this node to drive a stepper motor with an L298 driver.


When I connect the node and try to use it the motor just buzzes and gets very hot. Using the same physical wiring I can create a simple arduino sketch and control the stepper just fine. Has anyone else used this node and could offer me some help.

Thank You

hi, use two nodes h-bridge-dc-motor …xod/common-hardware/

ps: but it may also be that you are not selecting the correct pins

Thank you for the reply.

So you are saying use 2 h-bridge-dc-motor nodes. One would use the pins on the arduino that are connect to IN1 and IN2 from the L298 while the other node would use the pins on the arduino connected to the IN3 and IN4 pins on the L298. Does this sound correct to you?

I am using the following pins on the arduino UNO

Uno L298

8 IN1

9 IN2

10 IN3

11 IN4

Thank you again for your help.

that’s fine, with the nodes of xod or the lobreria should be 4 pins

but with a button it will only enbiage a pulse, between button and node use “continuous-pausable”