Is there away to delay a pulse?

Is there away to delay a pulse?

maybe you need a defer node, sive so that one pulsop first reaches one nofo and then another and also to make a loop

Defer node is you just want another branch of code to finish first. A delay node if you want a specific time delay.

Sure, you can use debounce!

I got this error:
Specialization patch not found
Cannot find specialization debounce(pulse) for abstract xod/core/debounce.
Try creating the missing patch in your project or install a library which provides such one.

Debounce doesn’t make any sense with pulses. The idea behind debounce it’s to ignore short pulses that are probably static discharge or a bad connection. Pulses are always just a single, short signal that would be ignored by debounce.


With the 0.31.0 XOD version update, a new throttle node appeared, which works great with pulses. Apparently this is exactly the node that you need.

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