Is it possible to save to SD card on Ethernet shield?

I have been unsuccessful saving to SD card on the W5500 Ethernet shield. I’m using a Mega. Here’s my program.

Does anyone see where I have gone wrong?

hi, instead of defer use pulse-on-change to the output of join

I’ll give it a try. Thank you Cesars.

Hopefully soon I’ll be trying the HX711 again. I’ve been working on other things and haven’t revisited it.

I may have discovered the problem or part of my problem. The ethernet shield I’m using, Adafruit made by Seeed Studio, requires the SPI pins to operate. This would be pins 11 through 13 on the UNO. I’m using the shield on the Mega which has a different group of SPI pins, pins 50 through 52. I don’t think it’s using the SPI pins on the ICSP. If that’s the case I will need to route the SPI bus pins to the corresponding SPI pins on the Mega. Tomorrow I’ll give it try and report my findings. What are your thoughts?

Is there a difference between the Adafruit ethernet shield and the Seeed Studio ethernet shield from a programing standpoint? I have the Adafruit shield for Uno and Mega. Has anyone been able to save to the SD card on the shield. I’ve been unsuccessful saving to the SD card shield but have been able to save to an SD card breakout board. I’d prefer to save to the shield. Does anyone have a suggestions.

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