How to request new Nodes?

I would like to use an Adafruit Data Logger Shield in my next project. Would anyone like to wrap the existing Arduino IDE library from Adafruit into a XOD node for me please? If I could do it, I would.

Is the sd-log node, have you tested if it works?


ps: I don’t have that shield, but I think CS is 10 by default, I think that to change it you have to cut a jumper.

To use RTC, there are also the xod rtc nodes

The Adafruit data logging shield uses a PCF8523 RTC. Their older version used the DS1307. Does XOD support the PCF8523? If this isn’t supported hardware by XOD, which data logger do you recommend? From reading Adafruit’s description of the PCF8523 RTC, it sounds like a superior IC compared to the DS1307.

You are right, 10 is the correct port.

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Has anyone used the DS3231 from Adafruit along with either the SD254 (Adafruit) or the Adafruit 2971 Ethernet shield for data logging? Does anyone have a recommendation one way or the other. It appears that XOD supports all of them. Has anyone used them? The Ethernet shield has a SD card in it. What would give me more options. Thanks for your feed back.

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