How to use ds1307 module?

can any one tell me how to use ds1307 module… I want to make an alarm clock…

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  • Create a patch with ds1307-rtc-write node
  • Set current time on inputs of this node
  • Upload the patch to Arduino. It would setup RTC time
  • Create another patch, the main one, with ds1307-rtc-read node
  • Use outputs of the node to compare time to a threshold value, output to LCD, etc.
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can you please help me giving some video tutorial to make rtc node work at least it can be displayed in the LCD?
currently i’m using ds3231
i’m still confused about how to make this module work especially the addr where can we get the addr is it same with port or its same with the addr in lcd with i2c?

and also is it possible to use XOD to make kind of timer to on off something?

to be honest i dont have any background in coding at all but using XOD really help me a lots except this rtc module >.<

Yep, ADDR is I2C address. Try 104. LCD and ds3231 should have different addresses.

@sios, did it work? Need any more help?

I will give it a try tonight. still stuck at office this couple day >.<

still not working >.<

  1. i create patch rtc write to set the current time
  2. upload
  3. create another patch to compare the current time with the time i want
    4 upload
    and nothing happen

i attach the project please give some feedback

led.xodball (8.0 KB)

You have output pins defined for on, off, and between, but you never send any data to them. For between, you need to name the output pin OUT to match the C++ code. For on & off, you need to wire the output pins to something; the only option in this case is the pulse for the rtc-write-DONE pin; outputting string, number, and boolean like you have tried to do doesn’t make any sense here.

I’m not sure what you are trying to do with the on & off nodes. It looks like you have them configured to write two different times to the RTC on boot; they have no output for feeding to the between node (so it will always be the NULL string), and the between node is trying to compare numbers, but you are feeding it strings. XX:YY is never going to be between 0 & 0.

You really should go through the tutorial that comes with XOD. There are several basic concepts presented there that you seem to be missing. There is lots of documentation to help you understand those basics here:

i add 3 out because im confused which one will work and non of them work.
and yes i already do the basic tutorial in doc that’s why i can move this far >.<

hmm i thing i do it wrong
what i mean is creating write patch (the reality i use read node) to set the current time then create read patch for ON and OFF and compare them to the current time and when it full fill the condition it will turn on or off led. (the idea is make an on off timer for led)

solved finally yay…

can you show the cod here?
im try use ds 1307 node but cant start them
im try difrent ports ( scan in arduino scanner)
and nothing hapend :frowning:

i hope this will help you for the address i’m using the default address.

thanks, it helped, I made a stupid mistake, I did not upload time to ds1307 :slight_smile: now it works

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