Nodes for UDP communication with Ethernet shield

Hello everybody,

I am actually using ethernet shield and working on a project that needs sending messages with UDP.

I am not really used with arduino programming and xod is really confortable to easily create projects with advanced functionnalities.
But, the last thing missing for my project are nodes that create, initiate UDP connection and allow UDP messages to be sent.

Is there someone who could help me with these last elements to add please ?

Thank you in advance, and sorry for the language mistakes. =)


Your English is much better than most of the machine translations :slight_smile:

This library looks like it might do what you want: maks971014/esp8266-ap — XOD

If you’ve never loaded a library, it is done through menu in XOD: File > Add Library, then enter library name (in this case maks971014/esp8266-ap). I found this one by going to and searching for “udp” you might find more options searching for “network”

Oh, thank you for this quick answer !
I’ll take a look to this library as soon as possible, but is esp8266 using the same specifications for initiating a connection as the classic ethernet shield using the library xod/net ?

Probably not. There might be other libraries (or perhaps even built-in nodes) for that.

Ok, i’ll keep on searching.

Thank you Gweimer. =)

It’s a pity, but all standard libraries for internet communication (w5500, esp8266, esp8266-mcu, tethering-inet) implements only client-side TCP/IP. But we’re open for pull requests :wink:

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