Help for new node (i2C) TSL2591

Hi Guys,

I am a new user in XOD. I took some tutorials and I have learned almost all the basics. Now, I would like to create a new nod for the light sensor TSL2591 from Adafruit. My problem is the fact that the sensor TSL2591 use i2C as serial protocol. I have read the manual in the XOD website, but I still do not understand how to use the code that is described in arduino website. Do you know or have any handbook that can help me to create this node or other based on i2C?
Thank you in advance


Launch XOD and double-click in the workspace. Type i2c in the search bar and you will see many existing i2c nodes. Those under xod/i2c are generic nodes for reading/writing over I2C bus. Those under xod-dev are examples of hardware-specific implementations of I2C; some will use the basic nodes from xod/i2c, some might be wrappers for Arduino IDE libraries.

There are additional libraries for hardware-specific (and maybe some generic) nodes in To use them yourself, go into XOD and select File -> Add Library, then type in the library name (/) to download. You can also use File -> Add Library to just do a search.

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