Installing Arduino dependencies error

I have got an error:

Installing Arduino dependencies…
Error end of central directory record signature not found The error has no formatter, which is a bug. Report the issue to XOD developers.

It appears when I am trying compile my C++ node.
It seems its related with one of the libraries. Here is it: “

Without it everything works fine.
It seems something wrong with library loader.

Any sugggestions please?

The address must be “

that way you download a master copy

The root folder of the repository: “” has no “keywords.txt” file. Other repositories of installed local libraries has it.
Maybe this is source of a problem.

Just remove /blob/master... parts in your #pragmas.
These directives should point on the repository, not the specific branch or specific file.
The IDE will download the whole repository as a library, but it will include only files that you included with the #include ... directive.