Important note when upgrading to 0.20.x from older versions

XOD have a feature to automatically fork the standard library on any edit of its internals. You might not realize it, but you can have a fork in your /home/directory/xod/__lib__/core.

If you do, delete the fork directory and reload XOD 0.20.x to apply. From now on, you will use the bundled standard library again. Otherwise, you’ll stumble upon some bugs due to incompatibilities of the newer XOD and the older library.


0.20.0 has introduced the generic types concept. Some crucial processes were switched to the new generic-friendly versions of some nodes. Cast nodes is an example of that. Previously, the cast nodes were named as cast-boolean-to-number and now it is cast-to-number(boolean). The 0.19.0 stdlib does not contain such node and XOD transpiler expects it to be there. Thus fail happens.

I don’t know if you have any information for Windows i don’t find the fork directory
Edit: I did it