[I want a node] Node Library For I2C Maxim Fuel Gauge MAX17055 and MAX17261


Maxim Fuel Gauge (MAX17055 and MAX17261)
This is a battery fuel gauge which can monitor a multiple-series cell battery pack with an external resistor divider.


  • SDA (I2C Data)
  • SCL (I2C Clock)
  • ALRT (Alert Output. The ALRT pin is an open-drain active-low output which indicates fuel-gauge
    alerts. Connect to GND if not used)

Data Inputs:
-Cell Size (mAH)
Empty Voltage (V per cell) (Also Known as VEmpty)
Charge Termination Current (mA)
Model ID (3 types, LiCoO2, NCA, LifePO4)


-State of Charge (String Number Output in %)
-Remaining Capacity / Time to Full (When Charging Time to full to be output, when discharging remaining capacity to be output) (String Number Output in mAH)
-Cell Lifetime Cycles (to allow to be saved to a eeprom) (String Number Output)
-Cell Full Capacity (String Number Output in mAH)
-Cell Voltage (String Number Output)
-Temperature (String Number Output in Celsius)
-Current (String Number Output in mAH)

-Over Voltage
-Under Voltage
-Over Current
-Under Current
-Over SOC (State of Charge)
-Under SOC (State of Charge)
-SOC Change (State of Charge)
-Over Temperature
-Under Temperature

Extra info: rationale, edge-cases, details

I have been working on hooking up a 20x4 display to a fuel gauge to help on charging my batteries on my projects, this one the code between the two are no different (this is what Maxim has said and its true when I tested it on mbed), and has code available on both Arduino and mbed, and I would love to get this on XOD for quicker prototyping.

The links of the Arduino code:

mbed Code:

Other Code I have found from electric IMP:

I hope to hear from you soon

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