SparkFun Thermocouple Breakout - MAX31855K - SEN-13266 - SparkFun Electronics

Hi All,

I am working on another project at the moment for a laser power meter and part of the hardware is the Sparkfun MAX31855K, unfortunately I do not know how to create nodes so would call for all your guys assistance to create one for me please, the link to the breakout is I will be connecting a K type thermocouple to measure a temperature.

if anyone has any questions I will do my best to answer.

Thank you in advance.



Extra info: rationale, edge-cases, details

you can try it, I don’t have that hardware

library - > cesars/max31855k

Hi Cesars,

Thank you for the node, as always it is working perfectly, just a note for future and other users the Arduino needs a very stable power supply like a battery as the node output jumps a little on usb power.
Also remember to follow the connection diagram as you need all the pins.

Thank you again. :grin:

I omitted the subject of connections of all pins because they are not necessary in xod, and thinking that whoever wants to use it at least has seen a diagram. :grin:

I understand, I am guilty of trying before reading sometimes :see_no_evil:, It is always possible for someone to say it did not work all because they never checked the diagram. I have been lucky so far and not caused any damage to my components from connecting first and then realising the voltage is sometimes 3.3 not 5V.

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