I just start working in XOD

Some good ideas for making ?

You mean like the built-in tutorial and everything in https://xod.io/docs/? If you can’t come up with any ideas of your own after that, you can do an internet search for Arduino projects.

Without knowing what you have (or are willing to buy), or have an interest in, it’s hard to make any recommendations for such an open-ended question.

I can try to make so much…cose Kam in school and school have lot of tools

As gweimer has said it is difficult to suggest something without knowing what components you have access to, what your interest are and what your level of expertise with the Arduino and electronics in general is.

You can build almost anything with XOD. Robotics projects are a personal favorite of mine and might make a good school project.


watering a plant is also a nice start - integrate the project to your biology lessons