How to add new json to extras.txt

It may seem pretty obvious but I can’t get it to work. I want to program my stm32f303k8 board with XOD. I found a post that mentioned a .json file from that can be placed in the extra.txt in the packages folder, so I tried that and it seemed to work, however my board was not among those defined in this file. So I had a look at the stm32duino github site and found this file:
which does contain my board (in fact both my ST boards) so I put that in extra.txt. Unfortunately xod didn’t like the file. I got this error

I forgot to mention there was already another source .json in the file, apparently for ESP8266 type boards. I don’t have any of those so I deleted it and left the STM32. Tried again and it worked this time. It seems XOD can’t handle two source .json files in extra.txt.

Thanks, Ian

add this

Thanks @cesars, not sure but I think that might be the same file. Neither of them work, as below.
The compile won’t work.

It seems the compile command is issued multiple times until the command buffer is full. The full output is in the attached file.
XODoutputSTM21F303K8.txt (202.5 KB)
Not sure what’s occurring here…
:-\ Ian

Hey @cesars, don’t suppose you know of a similar file that would allow Teensy boards to be used? I have a few of them…
:wink: Ian

this used to work now it fails to load

Teensy … I think it is not supported

Yeah I was kinda thinking it was a bit of a stretch for XOD to support Teensy. Arduino does but I know the Teensy devs had to do some pretty dramatic stuff to get it to work in the Arduino IDE. Still, always worth asking the question.
Speaking of that is there any eta for sorting out stm32 boards and xod? I’ve got two, a stm32f303k8 (Nano compatible) and a stm32f401re. I’ve tried the dan drown library, and the one @cesars recommended, but neither work. They both cause a “max buffer size” error.

:-\ Ian

It looks like an old bug of arduino-cli, which is used inside XOD to install tools, compile and upload sketches. We have to update it and I hope we’ll do so in the next release.
Until then you can get the generated code (Main Menu: Deploy -> Show Code for Arduino) and copy it to the Arduino IDE. Notice, that tweaks and watches wont work :grimacing:

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