Problem with not having the ESP 32 board in XOD

I recently bought an ESP 32 (HELTEC WiFi kit 32) and was able to load and run the “blinking” sketch using arduino IDE…however, when attempting to upload a XOD sketch, the upload failed…due to no board for the ESP 32 was listed in the available boards in the serial monitor. How do I get an updated version of the boards for XOD? And, why wasn’t XOD using the board the the arduino IDE is using ?

To get your ESP32 on to the list of available boards, you need to add the URL for its package to $WORKSPACE/__packages__/extra.txt


However, the arduino-cli that XOD uses for compilation and uploading is not working correctly with esp32 boards. I think that the developers are working to fix this issue. In the meantime you can create patches in XOD, but you will need to copy the code to Arduino IDE to compile and upload to your device. From the Deploy menu select Show Code for Arduino.

Thank you for your quick response…I’ll give that a try.

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