How can I reboot the esp8266 with a pulse?

Hello friends, it turns out that I want to implement a patch to be able to reboot the esp8266, but I have not seen any information on how to do it, in arduino it can be done with ESP.restart(); and I would like to be able to do it from xod.
any ideas?


I’ve put ESP.restart() inside a node called restart. There is also an example patch to demonstrate use. I’ve successfully tested this on both ESP8266 and ESP32.

Thank you very much, now I have to read the documentation to learn how to use third-party libraries, to use them with XOD, the thing is that I find few videos explaining the process.


Muchas gracias, ahora tengo que leer la documentacion para aprender a utilizar librerias de terceros, para utilizarlas con XOD, lo que pasa es que encuentro pocos videos explicando el proceso.

You’re welcome!

If you’re familiar with C++, it’s easy to wrap class-based Arduino libraries in XOD. The official guide is here:

There is also an unofficial guide in this book:
See chapter on “Software Expansion” that starts on page 155.

Thank you very much wayland, my c++ level is basic. I will see the examples in the book, it seems very interesting.

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