Hall effect sensor

Hi everyone, im new to all of this, has anyone been working on a hall effect sensor, or is there anyone who has any knowledge or help, kind regards

The couple Hall effect sensors I looked up are digital. They output high or low, just like a regular switch, so a digital-read or button node can be used to read them in XOD.

Hall sensor module , commonly found with LM393 on board, goves a digital switch out, in XOD use binary sensor and pulse if needed.

If its a KY-024 Hall Effect Sensor module,as discovered, they don`t act quite ideally.
All hall effect sensors are polarised, activate with one pole of magnet on one side, one to look out for.

The DO on the KY-024 isnt a very clean switching signal, found that instead of binary sensor,button` worked better, think possibly because uses internal pull up resistors.

Needs to get LED on module at full brightness to trigger data pin, on KY-024 its has some intermediate stages.

Reed switch module has cleaner switching but reed switches inclined to stick.

Piezo shock module has clean DO out switch.

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