Gabbapeople/mpu6050 library

Hey I have this pop up in the compiler when trying to run some example code from the gabbapeople/mpu6050 library

The library installed fine but won’t upload the example scetch

i2cdev.h: no such file or directory #include <i2cdev.h>

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated


  1. Hardware nodes will not work in the simulator; you need to upload to an Arduino board.

  2. Not selecting the correct board type to upload to can cause problems.

Unfortunately, I probably won’t be of much help if neither of these common issues are your problem.

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Thanks for getting back made some progress

Downloaded the zip files for the library I needed from GitHub

and then extracted them into

Everything uploads now my next challenge is to get some numbers out of my watch nodes ha

Update all good was missing my connection to the INT pin now to build something :slight_smile:

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