Emergency shutdown of the relay

Again I turn to experts. I have a patch with four relays that I want to control one button in turn. The question is, how can I organize an emergency shutdown of the relay, regardless of which of them was turned on at that moment? I would also like to see that when it is turned on again, the relay that was turned on before the emergency stop was turned on again. Are there any solutions to this problem? My knowledge of C ++ and XOD does not yet allow me to cope with this task myself.

use and node in each relay


Unfortunately this does not work. I have added “not” nodes to invert the signal, as I have a low-level relay. The AND node does not work in this case. I understand that it’s easier to organize this simply by adding another relay that will turn off the power to this group, but I would like to solve the problem at the software level to understand how it works.

Something similar happened to be done using the NAND node, but when a signal is given, all other relays turn on, instead of turning it off. In general, I need to track which relay is now in the FALSE position and specifically put it in TRUE mode. The rest of the relays at this moment must remain in the TRUE position. Or buy a high position relay.

And why don’t you put AND before NOT?
Between EQUAL and NOT.

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I apologize, from the morning I still didn’t wake up, attached the WATCH node to the AND node, so I saw a bad result. Yes, it really works! I’m very happy! Thank you very much for your help!

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